Group of people in a discovery meeting that is essential for business growth for multifamily clients.

Discovery Meetings are Essential for Business Growth!

Keep your long-time clients by hosting a discovery meeting

It may be time to get honest about your existing clients. Have you taken them for granted? Pause and assess before answering. Is your company primarily focused on new business growth, or have you been able to balance growing revenue while retaining your current clients? Many companies I have worked with and consulted for are far more focused on generating new business when the focus should also be on assessing where their current clients are today and where they intend to go and is essential for business growth. As a supplier or partner to your B2B multifamily clients, you must proactively understand their challenges, goals, and pain points to provide the best service. Is it time to schedule another call and discover what’s changed since you onboarded them or last connected? 

Why Discovery Meetings are Essential for Business Growth; Three Primary Benefits:

1. Build stronger relationships: Regularly check in to show your clients you care about their success. This check-in is NOT a sales call; the goal is to learn about potential changes in their business or direction. When you know about any changes in their goals or challenges, you can offer customized solutions or recommendations that build trust and deepen your business relationship.

2. Identify new opportunities: Over time, business needs evolve. By scheduling another call, you can gain insights into any new opportunities your clients are pursuing. Plus, it potentially opens up doors for new services you can offer or shifts you may be able to make that can better benefit your clients and your business model. 

3. Stay ahead: Your competitors are constantly vying for your clients’ attention. By ascertaining any changes to their goals and challenges, you can proactively address emerging needs rather than playing catch-up.

Here are a few tips to prepare for your next client discovery meeting:
  • Preparation is vital: Before meeting with a client, you must do homework. Gather as much information as possible about their business, industry trends, competitors, and any changes they may have made recently or since you last connected. Being prepared will show that you are invested in their success and help you ask insightful questions. 
  • Ask open-ended questions: Instead of asking yes-no questions, ask open-ended questions, encouraging the client to share their goals, challenges, and concerns. Open-ended questions will give you a better understanding of their needs and enable you to provide tailored solutions. Here are a few examples to help gain insights into their changing business needs:
    – What are your top priorities for the coming year?
    – What challenges are you currently facing in your business?
    – How are you adapting to changes in the multifamily industry?
    – What do you see as your most significant opportunities for growth?
  • Listen actively: Focus on listening more than talking during the discussion. Take notes, ask follow-up questions, and clarify any misunderstandings. Listening will help build rapport and show the client you value their input.

Ultimately, discovery meetings are essential for business growth and will ensure you stay on top of your B2B multifamily clients evolving needs is the most important thing. So, go ahead and schedule that follow-up call or discovery meeting. Your existing multifamily clients deserve the same attention you provide your new clients.

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