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What Does Your Social Media Presence Say About You?

With the never-ending influx of social media posts, is your property engaging with prospects and residents? Your apartment community’s social media presence says a lot about the vibe of your property.

Take a quick audit of your last few months of social posts. What do they say about what you’re trying to sell or share? What does the information say about your brand, and how much engagement are you getting from followers and fans? Take this opportunity to evaluate if these statistics represent where you want them – because time investment pays off in any area when done right!

Below are a few points to consider that will differentiate your company from your competitors:

  • Develop and organize a social media strategy that incorporates your company’s message and brand throughout your platforms.
  • Connect with new prospects, residents, or employees by creating relevant posts on social media channels that best compliments your brand. Not all platforms are created equal.
  • Build a community around common interests to drive brand awareness.
  • Create an effective and timely communications plan to increase ROI.
  • Focus on audience/market research to make posts relevant and compelling, using photos with captions pertinent to the post’s content.
  • Use consistent hashtags to help increase your brand recognition and awareness.

We’ve mentioned a few items to consider when building your social media presence; remember, your social media reflects the values and culture that make up your community and company. Make a plan and stick to it. Happy posting!

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