Your Service Department – Primary Source Retention.

Posted on: April 16th, 2013 by mfzMaster No Comments
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Your Service Department – Primary Source Retention.

Do we really understand the value of our service team members and their contribution to our residents?

Once your prospect becomes a resident, you generally don’t hear from them unless they have a challenge, or stop by the office to pay their rent.  You may be able to squeeze in a quick ‘hello’ as they walk to their car or have a brief conversation about last night’s football game as you grab your lunch, but many times, it’s hard to be in constant contact with your residents.    Fortunately, you have someone keeping up continual contact with your residents – your service technicians!

Your service technicians are out fixing maintenance items in resident’s homes, maintaining the grounds when residents are going to/from work, or walking around the common areas during the day and after hours. Service technicians are the number one communication tool between you and your residents and you must ensure that they are empowered and appreciated.   Encourage them to remember residents by name, offer a smile during all encounters, and share any positive feedback from your residents about how happy they are with their apartment.  It is management’s responsibility to ensure your service technicians understand their value and your appreciation for what they do every day.  Always keep in mind that  your service team are one of the few team members that can completely change a negative resident experience into a positive one – and should be encouraged, inspired and valued for all that they do .  Be sure they have the tools necessary to carry out their duties and that you thank them whenever possible for the value they bring to the table.

Without a solid performing team where each and every member is encouraged to do their best, the manager cannot provide the best service to the resident. Remember – a simple thank you can make all the difference in the way your residents are treated!

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