A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

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A Wonderful Day in the Neighborhood

For every sale you miss because you’re too enthusiastic, you will miss a hundred because you’re not enthusiastic enough” – Zig Ziglar


Is your property a little scarce on the amenities offered? Don’t let it run your sales pitch! Selling a “sense of community” is just as important as “selling the community”. Especially in today’s market when it is all about the social connection. Along with your brochure materials, have a short one-page monthly handout that alerts residents to local area events, as well as the locations of the neighborhood amenities in the area; include everything from the local farmers market to the community theater performance, along with direct links to their website for additional details. Better yet, have this convenient feature on your property website. Check out your properties walk/bike score to confirm the ease of walking and biking from your specific location. Check out walkscore.com – put in the properties physical address and see what pops up in the area to give you more ideas for resident convenience. It won’t be such an inconvenience that your property does not offer the latest in fitness center equipment if there is one located two blocks away. Remember to sell the value of you, your team and your community. Knowledge is power; arm yourself with the offerings in your direct neighborhood that may have a positive impact on your resident’s everyday lives. Passion about what you do and the belief of what you are selling is as powerful as having all the bells and whistles that are taken for granted every day. If you don’t have it, take a look from another perspective. Believe in your product and the service you and your team bring to the table, you can outsell the shiny new asset up the street. People buy from people, is your property worthy of consideration? Absolutely!

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