A Step Beyond Great Service, Empower Your Associates

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A Step Beyond Great Service, Empower Your Associates

Have you visited an establishment and received great service? Had a warm, friendly welcome where the sales associate did everything just right? That’s great! Unfortunately, many times, finding great service is a rare occurrence. However, in today’s competitive environment, it takes more than great service to stay ahead of the competition. Taking the service you offer a step further, by adding a splash of human element, could be the golden ticket in bringing your business to the next level. Does your firm offer great training programs and have customized checklists that every associate should follow to ensure consistent customer service? If yes, that is excellent and congratulations! This article is for those who already offer great consistent service, time after time. Now, let’s take what you have already accomplished a step further. Do you trust and value your associates? If the answer is yes, then you are ready to allow your associates in offering a positive experience for each guest that is beyond what should be expected from every business out there. What does it take to offer a great experience? Simply listening, and then taking action. We agree, it is important to treat each guest with the same consistent service – however, think of the last time you had a great experience, that went beyond great service; someone who anticipated what you might need, simple jesters that are meaningful to you. Let’s say your customer skipped lunch to look for an apartment, or is running late, having only enough time to view the apartment and needs to skip the amenity part of the tour – what could the agent do to ensure a great experience for the customer? Offer to call in a sandwich order at the local deli that can be picked up after the tour, offer to pop a bag of popcorn they could take with them, or you could email a video tour that shows all the great amenities that they could view later, when they have time. It is not always about discounts or better deals, it is about thinking beyond the moment and what we can do to help make each individual visit a little more special. Now, realistically this is not something you will need to do for everyone, as it will not mean much to most. The simple things of ensuring each guest has a good experience are what will set you apart from the competition, something not expected that is above and beyond. Think about what you would appreciate if you were in the same situation. Listen, then act – I’m sure many reading this article could think of some great examples. Bottom line – policies and standard procedures are important to business success, however, adding the human element to a customer’s experience can create a loyalty that is priceless. Just keeping it real. Always adhere to fair housing policies.

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