Maximize your customers’ experience while on hold

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Maximize your customers’ experience while on hold

Call your property or the main line to your company today and asked to be placed on hold by the agent. What is your experience? When placed on hold, what do your prospects hear? How long do they wait? During these times of fierce competition, make sure that if you must put your customers’ on hold, you make it worth their wait. Have a professional on-hold message that describes the great offerings and benefits of your property, give your web address so they can go ahead and find out more information immediately, online. Remember, keep your prospects and residents front of mind, as the little details have a powerful impact on the customer experience. In today’s fast moving environment, no one enjoys being placed on hold – if you must, think about the message you are sending. Many will say, absolutely, we have been doing this for years – if that is the case, go ahead and call today and witness your experience firsthand. More than likely, some enhancements could be made. Give some thought, rather than the customer leaving a message, is there an option for an immediate text response to simple questions? Bottom line, are you are sending the right message that you care about your customers’ time? If yes, congratulations and move on to evaluate other small things that can impact your customers’ experience. Apply the experiences you receive in your everyday life to your business and see if you can make a positive change.

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