Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Closing Ratio

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Five Simple Ways to Boost Your Closing Ratio

Take a look back at your last three sales presentations and evaluate areas that may need improvement to close more deals.

Step One: Listen More. Once the warm greeting and niceties are complete, be sure to take time to clarify and understand what your customer wants to accomplish during their visit. A sales presentation ensures everything gets covered, however, the customer can easily lose interest if we do not achieve their goal. The WIIFM (what’s in it for me) always applies. Listen and reply accordingly.

Step Two: Respect. Everyone is busy. Regardless, if you are getting ready to tour a prospect or selling to a company President, always confirm the time they have allotted for the appointment. Ensuring you keep the presentation within the time-line, will send a message it is about them and less about ourselves. Your prospect will be more open to your ‘close’ if you respect their time.

Step Three: Establish a Connection. Today, more than ever, the sales process is all about being transparent and building a trusting partnership. Your prospect will feel your sincerity and they are more likely to let their guard down when they believe you are developing a connection because you want to assist them, rather than just make a sale.

Step Four: Selling Value. Whether you are selling a product or providing a service, regardless of price points, value is a critical piece. You may have the best apartment features, however, without the benefits applied to the sales process the question always becomes comparing the offering’s side by side, whether physically or subconsciously. The item that cost the least may win out if the value is not primary in the discussion. Again, back to the WIIFM, for your customer.

Step Five: Wrap Up. Regardless, if your customer is ready to buy or not, the way you wrap up your presentation is important. Relationships do matter. If you have your customer’s best interest at heart you will allow time for them to digest your offerings. Answering any remaining questions they may have is a great opportunity for a strong close and confirming if they are ready for the next step.

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