4 Simple Ways to Stimulate Your Sales Operation

Posted on: March 15th, 2013 by mfzMaster No Comments
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4 Simple Ways to Stimulate Your Sales Operation

Breathe new life into your company by incorporating the following effective marketing strategies.

Ask Your Customers for Referrals (Yes, it is that simple!)

Each time you make a sale, cash in on the situation and double it by asking for a referral. In exchange for your customer referring another person to do business with you offer a few perks and incentives, and always say “thank you!”   Pretty soon, you’ll be watching your sales soar for doing what you do best, following through on your promises – Your customers will be happy to continue referring.

Use a Cloud-Based Platform

Create an efficient selling system by moving your tools online. When you use a cloud-based platform to deal with your customers and run your daily sales operation, you save money and you also open up your business to a flexible mobile workforce. Cloud-based applications like Box.net, Google Docs, Zoho.com, Salesforce.com, and SlideRocket.com along with many others offer real-time tracking analytics, instant access, and on-the-go updating of documents.

Boost Your Good Reputation with Customer Testimonials

Gather testimonials from your clients and make them visible on your site and on your sales materials. Then share them on social media as “stories.” Testimonials can give your business credibility. And you already know how credibility can be a powerful sales tool.

Adjust Your Keyword Scheme Depending on Customer Feedback

It is possible that some of your customers found your business without using the traditional keywords that you target for your SEO campaign. On top of the testimonials, you can also briefly ask how your customers found you and why they bought from you. Then repurpose the data to modify your keyword strategy.


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