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NWP Services Corporation (NWP)
535 Anton Boulevard, Suite 1100
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Other offices in Austin, TX; Tampa, FL; Bloomington, MN; Ann Arbor, MI



About Us

Founded in 1995 and headquartered in Costa Mesa, California, NWP Services Corporation (NWP) is the leading innovator and solutions provider for the multifamily industry in utility cost recovery, utility cost management and energy management.

NWP helps owners and managers maximize utility cost recovery through resident billing and payments, lowering operating costs and increasing asset value.  NWP’s utility management solution helps optimize utility spend through automation, benchmarking analytics and extensive reporting technologies. Energy management opportunities provide advanced utility intelligence designed to directly assist with conservation initiatives and lowering utility spend.

Navigating today’s complex business environment requires a knowledgeable partner who shares your goals, and delivers fiscal results. Such expertise is just one reason NWP is the largest, and most experienced utility management provider in multifamily. NWP innovated the industry nearly two decades ago with the concept of utility cost recovery, and continues to drive the standard for multifamily profitability.  Additional information is available at nwpsc.com.

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