The 4 Secrets to Success with Apartment Ratings and Reviews

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The 4 Secrets to Success with Apartment Ratings and Reviews

Every company that exists today is an experience company.  This means you, your team, and your apartment community are part of an experience company. The customer experience does not begin and end with the purchase.

Residents require relationships, not merely transactions.

As an apartment manager or salesperson that means your customer relationships cannot begin or end with the lease agreement.  Consumers are looking for brands that share their passions, create conversations, and most importantly prove they value customer feedback.  This is especially true when people are making decisions about where they are going to live, since it is one of the most important decisions a person will make.

Ratings and reviews are the new media.  They are the trusted third party with an unbiased voice.  Even your paid media, owned media, and social media are more successful when you properly manage your ratings and reviews.  And, managing your reviews isn’t that hard.  Here are 4 secrets to success with apartment ratings and reviews.

Pay attention to the reviews you already have.

You cannot ignore the past.  You have to address what is broken and the customer feedback you’ve received.  Your prospects are reading your reviews before they visit your property.  Make sure they are not seeing the same issues in person that are mentioned in your existing reviews.  Their customer experience both in the office and online tells them how committed you are to your residents.

Make your social presence known.

Just agreeing to be listed on a ratings and reviews site is not enough.  You need to let residents, prospects – the world! – know that you are there.  Do this across many sources, since not everyone communicates the same way or on the same channels.

Diffuse bad situations.

You can immediately diffuse most bad situations by responding quickly to apartment ratings and reviews when they are posted.  When you respond, be careful to not get defensive.  This can be hard, but it’s important!  Make sure you thoroughly examine the problem and offer a solution and a sincere apology.

It’s a numbers game.

It’s really very simple. The more ratings and reviews you have, the more ratings and reviews you will get.  So always ask for reviews from prospective renters and your residents. Make it as easy as possible for them to leave you a review!

Apartment ratings and reviews are here to stay. So now that you know the 4 secrets to success with apartment ratings and reviews, share them with your team.  Have open conversations about how you can improve your online and offline presence.  Start thinking (and taking action!) like an experience company.


Misty Sanford

Ms. Sanford has extensive history in the multifamily industry, having served as the National Director of Marketing for a major management company. Her experience lends itself to a greater understanding of the needs and goals of Renter’s Voice customers and best practices to achieving desired results. Ms. Sanford is founder of North of Creative, a marketing and social media strategy firm, and currently serves as Social Insight Thought Leader for Renter’s Voice. Learn more about Ellis Partners Integrated Customer Experience program including Renter’s Voice apartment ratings and reviews, and find additional industry tips and articles on



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