Marketing and the Magic of the Selfie – Keeping the Human Element Alive

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Marketing and the Magic of the Selfie – Keeping the Human Element Alive

In 2015, it is time for all kinds of businesses to move closer to their customers. People love to take “selfies” to show off what’s happening for them at the moment. Perhaps businesses should take a cue from this trend and start putting themselves out there, in the same way.

Selfies have a certain magic about them. Typically they are  snapped at arm’s length with a cell phone, and the people in them are often laughing, celebrating and including others. Even self-conscious subjects are doing something, even if that is simply holding a half-eaten sandwich and looking uncomfortable.

They are completely upstaged, unretouched, and unrehearsed. Snapshots of a moment in the life of the subject, who is not standing behind the camera but instead is part of the scene.

Begin With the Insiders
If you want to get in on this marketing trend for 2015, begin with your employees. Some of them will already be familiar with the concept of selfies, and others will need some coaching and gentle coaxing. Customer service representatives wearing their headsets, floor workers manufacturing products, management leading a team in exercises — these are all good opportunities for selfies.

Show the faces behind your business and potential customers will be able to identify the human side of what your products and services mean to them. Show the passion and excitement of your employees with snapshots, and you have a priceless inroad in your marketing.

Score Some Social Proof
Next, move on to your very best customers. For large brands, run a contest asking customers to take a selfie while using your product and publish the most interesting shots in your marketing channels. For smaller brands, partner with customers to take a series of photos to develop a story about your business relationship.

The most powerful sales tool is social proof, and what better way to get social proof than to have your customers show it to the world?

Selfies Aren’t Selfish
Now, move on to how your business makes a mark in the world–beyond selling products or providing services. Does your company have an important social mission? Do your employees, and/or customers act together as a team for non-business purposes? What’s your pride and joy as a company?

You would be amazed at the fun and inspirational photos that can get taken at events, gatherings and community celebrations. Put a camera in the hands of participants and let them take the selfies from there!

And, Back at the Office…
Once you’ve gathered these selfies together, integrate them into your marketing plans. Weed out inappropriately embarrassing photos and any that put your products or services in a questionable light. You are using these self-provided images to bolster the image of your company, after all.

Finally, use the images purposefully to tell your company’s story and the story of your customers. Add a few words of explanation, and then let the selfies speak for themselves. Your potential customers can instantly identify with a selfie, and so will instantly identify with the human side of your business.


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