Go beyond Facebook & Twitter

Posted on: March 15th, 2013 by mfzMaster No Comments
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Go beyond Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter allow you to connect with your customers for feedback and promotions.

For any successful online business, you need to reach beyond Facebook and Twitter and utilize the lesser social media sites to connect with those customers as well. Not everyone uses Facebook and Twitter. Neglecting these six social media websites means missing out on missed connections and potential leads. Here are six social media websites for connecting with your customers.

1. LinkedIn is a fabulous resource for networking your business that caters to businesses. Most people think that businesses cater to the general public. Many businesses exist only to sell products and services to existing businesses. LinkedIn is the forum where businesses go to connect, network and interact. LinkedIn provides a question and answer forum for asking questions of your peers in your industry. Get on LinkedIn and start answering questions. You gain respect from your existing customers and may even garner a few new ones.

2. Yelp is quickly becoming the new phone book. Yelp is a forum or website where customers go to rate their experiences with the companies listed in the Yelp database. Listing your company in this database is essential if you want to receive feedback on how you are doing and encourage new customers to come to you with their needs. Always respond quickly to complaints and negative feedback to impress on your customers you care about their experiences and opinions. Yelp also offers a check-in service for your customers to share with their network that they were at your storefront.

3. Foursquare is an excellent opportunity to reward your existing customers. Foursquare is a check-in service for your customers. They create an account and set their smart phone to automatically check-in to  businesses. List your business on Foursquare. Every time a customer enters your business with the Foursquare account enabled, it is shared with their entire network that they were at your storefront. This is an excellent way to get referrals to your customer’s friends and offer promotions for your existing customers to set this system up.

4. Pinterest lets users pin interesting stores, products and media to their virtual pin board. Whenever your customer pins your blog post, product or video to their account, their entire network sees it. They click on it. You gain instant traffic and a positive brand image. They may stop in your brick-and-mortar storefront and you get potential sales.

5. Flickr lets you create attractive photos and videos and share them with your network. Creating attractive content is pivotal to gaining blog traffic and keeping your readers interested.

6. YouTube provides a platform for uploading your videos for your customers. Always think before you post a blog post, video or link about whether your customer gets anything from it. If your customer doesn’t get something (laughter, education or instruction) they will not come back. People love helpful tutorials and demonstrations. Create interesting videos about or using your products.

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