A Guide to Increasing YouTube Views

Posted on: March 15th, 2013 by mfzMaster No Comments
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A Guide to Increasing YouTube Views

If social media represented a heroic narrative grounded in Grecian mythology, YouTube would without doubt be a colossus.

Touting over four billion views a day, YouTube picks up almost twice the prime-time audience of all three leading US. TV networks rolled into one. Everything from videos of precious kitties to instructional manuals for just about anything you please are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week with the click of your mouse. This behemoth of social networking has bewitched the fancy of the entire civilized world, for soundly reason.

On the day modern technology graced us with the ability to share video of anything and everything imaginable, it has become an all-powerful communication medium. With the advent of YouTube, and the radical steps in user presented subject matter, it makes sense that more and more hoi polloi wish to snag their portion of this phenomenal viewership pie. If your goal is to supercharge your YouTube stats, these three tips will help you make your channel famous.

No 1: Do Your Prep

The divergence between success and failure on YouTube – and anyplace else online — boils down to how well you interpret search engine optimization (SEO). Employ keyword hint tools such as Google Adwords to help you determine pertinent keywords for your channel and the videos listed in it. Add those keywords to your video to help search engines find you. The better your search engine rankings, the higher your page views will climb.

No. 2: Do Not Skimp on Your Video Description

Build a title employing the keywords you found on Google Adwords and repeatedly use those keywords throughout your video’s description. All the same, make certain to do this in a natural way. Don’t just litter your description with keywords, that won’t help your cause.

Your description needs to be at minimum two paragraphs in length, if you want your recording to climb the ranks of SEO pecking order.

Make sure you include your keywords in the tags of the video also. This helps boost your ratings and keeps your keywords contiguous.

No. 3: Be a Social Networker

In order to be successful on social media, you need to be social. Use strategies like these to help promote your YouTube channel:

Speak to other YouTube users who are successful and ask them what they did to increase views to their channels.

Leverage your medium by leaving video responses to already popular channels and viral videos.

Share your videos on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Ask your friends to share your content.

Create a fan page for your YouTube channel and post videos to that fan page regularly.

Embed your videos on your blog, and ask other bloggers to do the same.

The more time you spend networking, the less time — and revenue — you will need to spend marketing your YouTube videos and channel.

Remember, being social on social media pays off in page views.

No matter what, it is important to realize that not every video you post will turn into solid gold. Some will be successful, others will not. It is hard to portend which videos will go viral and which will not. All the same, you must remember that the more content you produce, the better you’ll become at video production, and eventually you will receive more views as a result. Becoming a success on YouTube is very similar to being successful in sales, it’s a numbers game. It requires perseverance and consistence. If you are able to commingle those two ingredients effectively, your YouTube channel is bound for greatness — of mythological proportion.

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