QR Code Poster Marketing

Posted on: March 14th, 2013 by mfzMaster No Comments
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QR Code Poster Marketing

The Quick Response (QR) code has become a staple of modern advertising.

Unheard of just a few years ago, today you see the strange looking square-shaped barcode on everything from groceries to live plant containers.  The versatility of the QR code allows it to be used to store much more data than the typical barcode.  These codes can be printed on a poster so the viewer can scan the code with their cell phone or tablet to activate the information it contains.

By scanning the code, users can have text displayed on their device, be sent to a website with more information, open and play a video, or even allow them to add a contact to their phone.  Imagine if you wanted to ensure someone was available to greet a potential prospect while your office is closed.  You could have a poster printed to advertise a leasing spokes model with a QR code that links the user to a video saying “Sorry, we missed you, I hope the following information is helpful and we look forward to connecting with you shortly”.  For those advertising their website, a QR code can be scanned to open the webpage where current pricing and availability is located or have it open to your most popular floor plans or professional photos of your property amenities.  The goal is to ensure the prospect knows you were thinking about them, even if you are not physically present.  The possibilities are limitless.

With the wealth of information a QR code can provide, they can be a supplement to a poster design or take up the entire poster.  If someone were to see a poster with nothing other than a small QR code in the center, or a large QR code taking up the entire size of the poster, it will certainly spark curiosity.  It’s almost like finding a present on the street and not being able to walk away without opening it and finding out what’s inside.

QR codes can be created by anyone.  It doesn’t take a computer expert to understand how to use and design your own code.  There are a variety of code-generating websites and mobile applications available that are free.  Likewise, there are a number of free QR code readers compatible with Android and iPhone mobile operating systems as well as tablets.  It’s time for properties with even the smallest marketing budgets to step up and take the reins from the larger corporations.  You can utilize these free tools to help boost your business with QR code poster marketing.

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