6 Excellent Small Business Apps to Increase Productivity

Posted on: March 28th, 2013 by mfzMaster No Comments
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6 Excellent Small Business Apps to Increase Productivity

We call them smartphones, but the reality is that they’re small portable computers that are capable of many functions.

With the explosion of mobile applications, smartphones can now be used to boost productivity and make life easier for small business owners.

Here is a list of six out of dozens of apps that can help increase business productivity.

1. Record and Organize Tasks with Toodledo

It’s amazing how our brains can store so much information, but many of us have to make a list if we need to pick up more than three items from the grocery store.

Making lists and taking notes is something that every small business owner must do. There’s no other way you can remember to do all the various tasks that are required to run the business.

Toodledo is a very powerful task manager that can help you stay organized. You can create folders, tasks, and subtasks. You can also create customizable schedulers, alarms, sortable to-do lists, and much much more.

Toodledo is great, but it’s not the only game in town. Other popular choices include Remember the Milk, OmniFocus, and Note 2 Self.

2. Take Notes with Evernote

Evernote bills itself as the app to help you remember big and small things in your everyday life. Evernote is like a virtual multi-purpose notepad that can be extremely useful in both your personal and professional life.

You can record notes and ideas and store them in a variety of formats – text, files, web clips, images, etc. Evernotes can also help you plan a trip. It can store your itineraries, scanned documents, maps, and more.

Evernote Business can be used as a hub to collect and share ideas and research among team members in your business. You can access all your Evernote contents from any computer or device.

If you would prefer to take audio notes, Audionote would be an excellent app to look into.

3. Capture Cleaner Images with Whiteboard Capture Pro

Smartphone cameras are being used more and more for business purposes. Taking pictures of whiteboard content from a meeting is one example. The problem is that these types of images don’t always come out very clear.

Apps like Whiteboard Capture Pro let you capture whiteboard images and clean them up by making different types of adjustments. You can also easily send images via email or save them to your photo library.

4. Scan Documents with JotNot

JotNot is a multi-page document scanner for iPhones and iPads. JotNot can scan and create PDFs from documents, handwritten notes, whiteboards, business cards, notes, receipts, billboards, or almost anything else you want.

You can tag documents so you can easily find them later, and you can fax up to five pages to U.S. numbers for $0.99.

5. Track and Submit Expenses with Expensify

Expensify can be used to import expenses and receipts straight from a credit card or bank account, and PDF expense reports can be submitted via email. For purchases made with cash, you can scan the receipt by simply taking a picture of it.

PDF copies of reports can be emailed to anyone for approval, and the submitter can even be reimbursed through their checking account.

Expensify makes it a piece of cake to track various business expenses (including mileage) and submit those expenses for reimbursement.

6. Square Register

Square Register enables you to accept credit card payments through your smartphone or tablet. You will use a free card reader for the transactions, and you simply pay a 2.75% fee per card swipe.

Square can send text and email receipts, and funds from card swipes are deposited to your account in 1-2 business days.

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