February 1-2, 2018

Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Northeast)

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Middle-Market Multifamily Forum (Northeast)

After successful launches in Southern California and Orlando, IMN is very happy to bring its Middle-Market Multifamily Forum: A Forum for Small & Mid-Sized Apartment Owners and Developers to our home in NYC.

With over 500 registrants, including 300 owners/operators and 30 exhibitors in attendance at our May West Coast forum, IMN is uniquely positioned to provide a strategic and opportunistic overview of the small & mid-sized multifamily industry to a New York audience.

Some of the ‘for the small owner/operator, by the small owner/operator’ themes we will continue to explore include:

• Going from Small to Mid-sized Player-How do you know when you are Ready? What Needs to be Done?
• First Time Working with Institutional Capital
• Investing in and Managing Apartment Buildings with up to 50 Units
• Equity Financing & Small Owner Joint Ventures
• Class B/C Apartments

We’re excited to bring this exciting program to the Northeast and to explore all of the critical issues affecting small and mid-sized owner/operators.

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